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Why An Interactive Display Is Becoming Popular For Marketing

An interactive display is a video display that advertises products and services and also allows customers to interact with it by asking questions or clicking for more information. The display unit responds to the interaction immediately. This technology is becoming more popular by the day as different companies adopt the use of a corporate video because of its numerous benefits. The best and commonest advantage of an interactive display or video is that it boosts sales. So, any company that has not started making use of an interactive display for marketing is already losing some of its customers.

Videos or any other kind of display has become the most effective part of advertisement because of the benefits outlined right below.

It boosts conversion rate

A recent study reveals that explainer videos increase sales by 85 percent will testimonial videos boost sales by 77 percent. Now, imagine the result you can get from the combination of both explainer video and testimonial video. This is the biggest reason marketing is now far from being complete without any video.

Interactive displays replace a salesperson

This display allows prospective customers to interact with it by touching the screen of the display unit. They can ask all the questions they want to ask and the display unit will respond. There saves the company the cost of planting a sales person there.

Displays keep track of number of views

Every video indicates the number of views. A smart salesman usually takes this number as the number of potential customers. The number of viewers of a video is directly proportional to number of sales.

Displays offer relatively more clarity

Sometimes, texts and ordinary pictures may not be enough to explain complex situations. If they are used, customers will end up being even more confused as they will have a whole lot of questions. Using videos and other displays is the best for that. They offer more clarity and they are not likely to elicit questions like only pictures and texts. And they still respond to questions instantly.

Several retailers are already using videos for marketing

Some of your competitors are already using relevant videos for sales conversion. If you are yet to begin, you are already losing some of your customers to them. The earlier you start the better because getting your customers back is much more difficult than preventing them from leaving.

Displays attract viewers more

Displays have sound and as such they attract the attention of more customers than pictures and texts. If there is a digital screen in a big shopping mall and there is a big picture on the screen, not everybody will notice it. But video displays come with sound and even if you can’t see the video, you will hear the sound and it will attract you to the video itself.

In conclusion, the importance of displays as a marketing tool cannot be over emphasized. Every serious marketing director should begin to put his or her customer education and sales conversion videos together because it is very likely that some of his competitors are already doing it. More importantly, in a couple of years now there will only be two kinds of marketing directors – The ones that have embraced interactive displays and those that are gradually running out of business.


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