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Top Four Reasons Why People Use A Large IPad

A large iPad has become a go to tool for business use and personal use. These are the top reasons why people like this size device.

Why people use big iPads

1) Visibility

The size allows the user to fit every icon and every app they could ever need on one space. The screen size allows a person to keep several apps and programs open at the same time and manage them comfortably.

A big draw for a larger iPad is that people do not see well as they age. The larger screen helps take care of vision problems with technology that glasses, contact lenses, and even surgery cannot compensate for.

2) Touch control

The advent of touch control for tech devices added a new dimension in speed and adaptability. The device is as fast as a person wants it to be. The loss of a mouse has reduced errors and the level of frustration that many had with technology.

Touch produces a feeling of personal control. This feeling is important in the user experience and the user’s loyalty to a brand or a website.

3) Speed and Power

The larger devices have the physical space to accommodate more memory and more processor capacity. This means the user gets results fast. Speed is as important to the user as it is to the businesses that are vying for the user’s net time and dollar.

4) Personal Prestige

The device that a person uses has become a symbol of status and prestige. The market for customizing phones and tablets to make the devices unique is huge. The entire idea is based on catering to a very human need to be noticed. Big devices get you noticed.

Large devices can have a certain intimidation value. Mine is bigger than yours so I am better than you has always been a human competitive ploy and always will be.

Why this matters to business

Large iPad displays have found a multitude of uses in business. Advertising, facilitating the use of a shopping center, allowing clients to speed up their sign in and checkout in hotels and entertainment venues, and testing news games are just a few of the uses these devices have been put to.

1) Visibility

A large iPad attracts attention. Large here means huge. The idea is to attract a user by the size of the device. A part of the experience is being seen using the device.

The display size is so large that no vision issues are involved in using the device. The client sees the size as a consideration on the part of the company and promotes a higher potential for purchase and future patronage.

2) Familiarity

The large devices incorporate all the functions that regular sized tablets do. The larger screen can contain more options and apps. The ability to access the internet in areas where phones and tablets do not work or are forbidden is seen be clients as catering to a basic need.

3) Attraction

The size has the feel of an attraction. The large device invites a person to try it out. This attraction gives a business a unique opportunity to sell the advantages of their offerings through a unique technology platform.


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