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The New Large IPhone That Has Revolutionized Digital Marketing

The rate at which technology advances is now very alarming. It is so fast that if you blink twice you are already obsolete. They are all related to mobile technology in one way or the other. The new technology in the app development world is explainer video. Companies now hire app developers to develop a video app that explains the benefits of their product, its advantages over the products of their competitors and how to use it. This increases sales conversion rate for so many reasons.

Mobile app developers are also able to develop the video that are versatile. They can be played on smartphones and they can be played on all kinds of digital screens. So, these wide screen monitors are placed on in public places for shoppers and passers-by to watch. This new idea has increased sales of many companies and other companies have joined the bandwagon. So, it has now become the standard in the sales world. Every new product now comes with an explainer video that is meant to attract prospective buyers.

Using videos for customer education and sales conversion is very effective because of several reasons. Irrespective of the message and content, every video is more like an entertainment. So people will likely watch more videos than other marketing format. This is why people spend more time on websites with videos than those without it.

This is why a new large iPhone is now being used as a replacement for digital billboards. This large iPhone is a big improvement on conventional digital billboards as it allows viewers to do more than watching and listening.

The large iPhone allows customers to interact with it by touching the screen. In fact, it serves as a digital salesperson. It works with artificial intelligence technology to respond to customers’ interaction. Some of the reasons videos are more effective for sales conversion have been outlined below

Videos attract viewers more than pictures and texts

Videos attract more attention than ordinary picture and text. Have you ever gone to a retail store where the marketing video of certain product is being played on a screen in that store? What attracted your attention first as you entered the store? Is it not the video? According to recent statistics, in that scenario, over 60 percent of the customers will first go and watch the video before they go ahead with what they actually came for. While over 30 percent will watch the video and ask for the product immediately. Video is a better educator because it combines sound with text and visuals. This is why it is becoming a trend. Every website now has a short explainer video embedded in its home page to educate visitors and also do some sales conversion.

Videos stay longer in the mind of viewers

When viewers watch a video, they don’t forget it easily. The clip stays in their mind longer than pictures, texts and audios. In fact, videos are a superset of audios, texts and pictures.

Videos pass more messages

A 5-minute video can pass more information than a combination of texts and pictures. It has now gone further, with the large iPhone, prospective customers can now ask different questions by touching the screen and they will receive immediate answers.


Large Iphone
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