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What You Need To Know About Touch Screen Technology

A touch screen device is an input device (electronic) that functions a computer display screen. Unlike other display screens, touch screens are designed to be highly sensitive to touch or pressure. By touching words or pictures on the screen, users can easily interact with the computer.

Types of touchscreen technology

Basically, there are 3 major types of touchscreen technology. They include:


Capacitive touchscreen panels are coated with a material that is capable of storing electrical charges. These panels are designed to be sensitive to touch from a finger. A little amount of charge is always drawn to the point of contact, whenever the panel is touched. As soon as the charge is measured, information will be sent for processing in the controller. The charge is measured by circuits located around the corners of the panel. Unlike other types of touchscreen technology, capacitive touch screens have high clarity and are not affected by external elements.

Surface wave

This type of touchscreen technology utilizes ultrasonic waves that move across the touchscreen panel. The panel tends to absorb the wave whenever it is being touched. The position of the touch event will be registered by the change in the ultrasonic waves before sending the information to the controller for processing. Although surface wave technology is vulnerable to external damage from outside elements, it is, however, the most advanced touchscreen technology.


A thin metallic electrically resistive and conductive layer is used to coat the resistive touchscreen. When the screen is touched it causes a change in the electrical current before being sent to the controller for processing. Although resistive touchscreen panels are prone to get damaged by sharp objects, they are not susceptible to damage by external elements like water or dust. Generally, resistive touchscreen panels offer only 75 percent clarity, however, they are generally known to be more affordable than other types of touchscreen technology.

How to use the touchscreen

Before you learn how to use the touchscreen, it is important to understand that not all touch screens employ the same functions, however, the actions presented below can be generally applied on any touchscreen.


Like clicking a mouse on a traditional computer, tapping the screen with a finger generally opens an app. This technique can also be used to select an object (single touch).

Double tap

Double-tap can be used for several purposes on a touch screen device. It all depends on the scenario in which it is applied. Double tapping can be used to zoom in at the tap location in a browser. The function can also be used to select word(s) in a text editor.

Touch and hold

The ‘touch and hold’ function is basically used to highlight or select an object.


To drag an object or any other feature around the screen, you need to press and hold your finger on the touch screen device. You don’t lift your finger until you are done dragging or moving.


The ‘swipe’ action is basically employed to scroll or flip through pages or apps on the screen.


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