Worlds Biggest Smartphone

What Is The World's Biggest Smartphone?

Part of what makes smartphones so fascinating is their size. Over the years people have become so pre-consumed with the size trends, that the small, sleek phones of this year may give way to a larger, bulkier trend the next year, and vice versa.

History Of Smartphone Sizes

Looking at a brief history of the size of smartphones, we can start with the brick-sized wireless phones of the 80s which were quickly replaced by smaller, more portable models. The 90s also experienced a similar change in trend with the invention of the sleek Motorola mobile devices which quickly replaced the then bulkier Nokia phones. Over time different models of phones and phone sizes surfaced. Until the introduction of the Apple cell phone in 2007.

Apple changed the way people viewed and used their cellphones and also reversed the trend of smartphones becoming smaller. The innovative brand began with the 3.5inch screen of the iPhone 3G. Which later increased to a 4inch screen in the iPhone 5, 4.7inch in iPhone 6, and now a 5.5-inch screen in it’s the latest model the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

While Apple may be steadily increasing the size of their phone, they are nowhere near to being the biggest smartphone in the world. In fact, this small part of the industry is dominated by Android brands such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei and more, who have mastered the making of humongous size smartphones or “phablets.” They are simply called Phablets because although they are not tablets, they almost double the size of one with their wide screen size.

Why Would Anyone Use a Phablet?

Don't be mistaken; Phablets are making the wave in today's mobile phone market. Even though the size of the phone can make it inconvenient to fit in the hand or pocket, a lot of people find Phablets easier and better for watching videos, reading books, and typing. Phablets also have a much larger storage space than regular sized phones. Whatever their reasons, people evidently enjoy using these phones and get around the awkwardness of making calls by using wireless headphones.

So what is the size of the world's biggest smartphone? While no single phone can take the crown as newer, larger models are being invented every day. Here is an idea of what to expect from the biggest Phablets.

1.) Huawei MediaPad X2

Chinese phone manufacturing company Huawei comes in first place for creating one of the world's biggest phones, the Huawei MediaPad X1 with a wide 7-inch screen. The Huawei MediaPad X2 is their latest upgrade to the original version. It also comes with a 7-inch screen and an 8-core processor.

2.) Samsung Galaxy W

Samsung is well known for its love of large phones. The Galaxy W is by far its largest phone model with a 7-inch screen and 8.8mm thickness.

3.) LG G Pad

With the intention of saving the best for last, the LG G Pad is currently topping the cake as the world's biggest smartphone. The phone is a little larger than an iPad mini and comes in a stunning 8-inch screen that some consider a slight overkill.


Worlds Biggest Smartphone
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