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  • Barclays

    A fleet of Giant iTabs in flight cases tour the country for staff and customer training purposes as part of the Bank’s initiative to encourage customers to use the Mobile Banking app. Giant iTabs are also used at Bank headquarters and the flagship branch at Canada Water, Canary Wharf, London.

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  • ILEA

    We stand for engagement & the creation of experience.

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  • Lambeth Academy

    Lambeth Academy – Engaging young people

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  • Event Tech

    Giant iTab allow app developers to flourish. Testing their beta apps on giant screens pre-launch.

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  • BBC News

    Used for the US election in 2013, an 8-hour broadcast showing ‘live’ results as they came in. Recorded in Washington DC and run by the BBC, integrity and stability of the solution was paramount

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  • Xerox

    Touchscreens and touchscreen tables installed in customer experience centres in London and Belgium. Giant iTabs used for showcasing the specialist Xerox configurator app enabling customers to easily select the most appropriate products and solutions

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  • DFS

    Giant iTabs are in every store across the country. 4x the size of a standard iPad the 23” unit is used to showcase the DFS Room Planner App on a larger scale. Created as a kiosk solution, the App can be used by customers unattended, to experience the full range of DFS products which, due to space limitations, they are unable to stock in every store.

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  • Rocket Group

    Rocket Group – Innovative display creates competitive advantage

  • Accenture

    Giant iTabs are being used at the new Accenture Customer Innovation Network in Milan, Italy, to showcase a new App for high profile retail customers that helps store managers to manage stock and product ranges. The large format touch screens will also be used in-store to showcase the latest fashion collections for the next season.

  • Volvo

    Uses Giant iTabs for coach and fleet services to showcase their products at trade shows.

  • QVC

    In-house website & application testing

  • Viber

    Interactive experience at Cannes Gold Lions

  • Virgin Media

    Interactive presentation tool for new app launch

  • William Hill

    Giant iTabs were used at The Derby to demonstrate their new online betting App and encourage more sign-ups from punters at the racecourse. This innovative approach won William Hill and Giant iTab and Event Technology Award in November 2013.

  • Etihad Airways

    Have a Giant iTab installed at their customer lounge in Abu Dhabi. More recently their marketing department used the unit for a trade show to showcase their customer app, which was entered for an industry award.

  • UBM

    Interactive event engagement solutions

  • National Lottery

    Use Giant iTabs for their app development and testing labs. In addition, a kiosk style unit in the staff canteen area keeps staff up to date with the latest news about Camelot and the National Lottery, and all the wonderful charities and projects that they support.

  • Unilever

    Displaying digital media content

  • Matches Fashion

    Interactive presentation tool for key events

  • Nespresso

    Giant iTabs are used in retail stores to showcase the Nespresso iPad App in Moscow, Barcelona and Madrid. The Giant iTabs are part of an integrated store fit creating a beautiful interior design running exactly the same app as customers can use themselves at home. A connected and cohesive customer experience encouraging better engagement and adoption of the Nespresso App.

  • Sage

    Interactive customer experience & data collection

  • NHS

    Giant iTabs have been used at numerous NHS events. More recently AHSN who a new medical innovation development hub to showcase medical information. Also work at lots of pharmaceutical exhibitions and events to help showcase pharmaceutical banners and posters, where converting to a digital format allows access to multiple entries at the touch of a button

  • Financial Times

    Giant iTabs are used as seating plans at awards dinners. Two 42” Giant iTabs were at the entrance showing the list of guests, who were able to use the touchscreens to find their table and see who they would be sitting with.

  • O2

    Used predominantly at Customer Call Centers, where Giant iTabs are used for group training sessions to demonstrate new Apps and developments so that call center staff are more knowledgeable about O2 products and services before customers start ringing the helplines.

  • PWC

    Use Giant iTabs for presentations for winning pitches with an enviable high success rate.

  • Sky

    Used in the tech department and app development labs at BskyB for group feedback and review sessions, taking a single hand-held device and turning it into a more efficient group experience where everyone in the meeting is sharing the large format device and therefore all on the same page at the same time.

  • Harrods

    A 42” Giant iTab is used in store, in the toy department to show the full range of products that Harrods are able to supply. Giant iTabs were also used for an interactive through window display of an app designed to create added customer engagement for the launch of the new ‘Shoe Heaven’ department.

  • Scientific Gaming

    Interactive presentation tool for new app launch

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  • Barclays - Mobile Banking App

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    Business Drivers

    When Barclays launched its mobile banking app, as part of a global initiative to move towards mobile banking and away from serviced tills, it needed to first train staff and then engage customers.  The new app aimed to provide a better more convenient service to customers and reduce queues in branches.


    The Solution

    A fleet of 55” Giant iTabs in custom flight cases was introduced and used by the Barclays Digital Eagles early adopter team as a training and education tool for staff in branches, and for promoting to customers.  The Giant iTab perfectly replicates the app, so staff can be confident when explaining the app to customers, and in turn using a dummy login, customers can see the app in branch before trying it themselves at home.

    Giant iTabs can be seen in use at Barclays Bank flagship branch at One Canada Square and the corporate headquarters at Canary Wharf, London.


    Business Benefits

    • Barclays Bank were able to claim early adopter status for Mobile Banking
    • Easier to train staff with a large smartphone screen, giving a realistic rendition of the app, so staff are better able to deal with customer training & enquiries
    • Engages customers with the app, providing a better customer experience, and reducing queues in branch.

    For more information about presentation and training solutions for apps on Giant iTabs, contact us today on: +44 (0) 845 5760 789


    “The banking sector is ripe for technical disruption. Profound changes are happening and there is no escape from the forces of technology which is automating processes for customers – a huge transformational force is coming which is going to be better for customers and that’s a good thing. The winners will be the ones who can adapt to these new circumstances.”

    Antony Jenkins
    Chief Executive

  • ILEA Case Study

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    The International Live Events Association UK Chapter (ILEA) has a unique ambition within the global events market place. They stand for a shift in value within the events industry, from organisational and logistical, to creative and strategic. They represent the part of the industry that is using events and experiences to change the way people think, to share knowledge, to spread information, and to make profound changes to the world. They see events as more than just community gatherings, but the value that is achieved when we create experience and memory.

    On an operational level, ILEA UK is part of a 6,200 person community around the world who also share these values. As a centre of events excellence, the UK Chapter is creating a prominent voice for the association and the wider global market place.

    Because of this; Giant iTab is both a member and a partner of ILEA.

    So how do these two organisations’ combine so perfectly?

    On a basic level, the Giant iTab product is one that insists on ‘touch’, interaction and engagement. The product brings audiences into the experience even further, and creates a physical connection with the content. ILEA love event tech, but it also prizes technology that creates engagement and closer understanding of knowledge.

    Through ILEA, Giant iTab has grown its business, but also spent time with its key customers. Within the community, the business has been able to have face to face conversations about why the product works for experiential agencies, helping it to develop new products – both hardware and software – that can be better utilised by them. Through ILEA, Giant iTab can spend more time with its corporate clients, the brands and businesses that finance events; from exhibitions to experience.

    Furthermore, Giant iTab has effectively locked into ILEA’s global community. This is a business that is growing around the world and seeks to find new customer relationships with those who instantly understand the power of the product; the power of touch and the influence that great interaction and engagement creates.

    Through the association, Giant iTab has been able to showcase everything from interactive maps and way finders, to gamification technology. Over the course of this relationship the business has grown rapidly throughout North America, Canada, Asia pacific, Australia and more recently in the Middle East, built on the respect and recommendations earned through ILEA.

    Equally, through its partnership with Giant iTab, ILEA members can now find a trusted, reliable, and easy to deploy event technology for their events. For members who are new to the world of advanced event technology, spending time with the people at Giant iTab means they can make the most of the businesses experience, global success and award winning support service.

    ILEA is one of Giant iTab’s biggest fans; it loves to see businesses thrive within its community, but also ones that underline its message to the world. The art of events is in creating engagement, interaction and memory; Giant iTab is a unique vehicle for this.


    “Everything we want to say, do and achieve as an association relates to the product and vision of Giant iTab. We stand for engagement, the creation of experience, adding value through innovation and technology. We stand for entrepreneurialism, business growth, and the fact that the UK events industry is the best in the world.”

    Alistair Turner
    President International Live Events Association

  • Lambeth Academy

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    Lambeth Academy

    Business Drivers

    Lambeth Academy is a secondary school in Clapham, south London, where central to the school’s ethos is the belief that to realise the potential of young people, they must do simple things consistently and ‘exceptionally’ well.  As part of its careers development program, the school ran a Careers and Higher Education Fair. From previous experience and speaking with the young people, organizer Magdalin and her team knew that they needed attractive displays and compelling content. When a young entrepreneur agreed to speak, and show their latest App, the idea was born. The team knew that a bigger smartphone screen was the best way to display the new App.


    The Giant iTab was configured with the new App attracting queues of students and young people. The familiar look and feel of a smartphone meant students were right home with the technology, enabling the App to shine, demonstrating its simplicity and power far better than simply using a small laptop or overhead projection. The App supported the young entrepreneur in their dynamic workshops and presentations about setting up a business aimed at students.


    Business Benefits

    • A runaway success the Giant iTab succeeded in presenting interactive material in the most engaging manner possible and transformed an App from a small handheld device to a shared showcase experience
    • Great feedback from the tech savvy young people that attended the Careers Fair
    • Excellent support for the young Entrepreneur looking to motivate and inspire their audience
    • Underpins Lambeth Academy’s key objective to support young people by doing everything consistently well.


    For more information about gaining empowering your learning solutions contact us today.

    Lambeth Academy

    “The Giant iTab is a really powerful way to engage this young generation. If anyone is hesitant about how to attract people on to a stand, then look no further. We had queues around the block – the content is what the students were interested in, and the Giant iTab showcased it beautifully.”

    Magdalin Clancy
    Assistant Principal-Business -United Learning

  • Event Tech Lab Case Study

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    Event Tech

    The Event Tech Lab is a partnership community of event technology companies, that has the development, promotion and use of event tech at its heart. Run by its creator, James Morgan, the community brings together start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators, and gives them community-led support through marketing and promotional opportunities, networking, corporate consultancy, and access to international markets.


    Giant iTab is proud to be part of this community. Already the company has grown around the world and used the community to help perfect its product for the events industry. The company also plays a vital role within the Event Tech Lab; with so many of the companies within it all showcasing event related apps, or digital solutions; the giant smartphone is a perfect display partner.


    It was also from within Event Tech Lab that the Giant iTab’s ‘Enterprise Lab’ product flourished; allowing app creators to demonstrate and trial their work while in beta, on a giant smart phone format. At launch, the Giant iTab becomes the perfect showcasing hardware for these companies, both to demonstrate to internal audiences, at small meetings, but also at larger sales and exhibition forums.


    UK event tech companies continue to find success around the world and Giant iTab is just one of these companies. They can do so because of the community based approach run by Event Tech Lab, one where the companies support the community, each other, and vice versa.


    Giant iTab is proud to be one of Event Tech Lab’s many success stories.

    Event Tech

    “The best technology is the one that comes across as maddeningly simple, but belies intelligent, complex and ground-breaking thinking. The Giant iTab is all about engagement; it’s a simple product that gives other great event tech programmes room to immerse the user in a completely friendly and familiar way.”

    James Morgan
    Event Tech Lab

  • BBC – US Election Live Broadcast

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    BBC News

    Business Drivers

    When the BBC covered the US election live in 2013 (Obama’s second term in office) from Washington DC, hosted by David Dimbleby, it needed a way to present its own proprietary software to track the elections results as they came in.  This included showing complex information from BBC’s bespoke software in infographic format during the 8 hour election special programme. As a live show, it was paramount that the integrity and reliability of the presentation solution was guaranteed.


    The Solution

    A 70’ Giant iTab on a plinth was the perfect answer.  The team at Giant iTab worked with the BBC’s tech team to ensure that the integrity of the software was maintained, and the fact that the Giant iTab worked with all the usual swipe, flick and touch gestures as a Giant iPad meant that the presenters were confident in using it.  Broadcaster Emily Maitlis even tweeted after the show that she ‘loved’ using her big iPad.


    More recently The One Show has featured a 27’ Giant iTab in a lifestyle feature about managing the use of smartphones within families.  And later this year a flagship BBC business show also features the Giant iTab in its final episode that airs in early December. Watch this space!


    Business Benefits

    • Cutting edge presentation working with the BBC as a technology leader
    • Intuitive use and experience means little training for presenters
    • Clear and attractive presentation engages viewers
    • Ability to run proprietary software means an easy solution for developers


    For more information about presentation solutions for your bespoke apps and software on Giant iTabs, contact us today on: +44 (0) 845 5760 789

    BBC News

    “I loved playing with my Giant iPad”

    Emily Maitliss
    BBC Presenter

  • Xerox

    Business Drivers

    Xerox was looking to improve customer engagement through its own customer experience centers.  At the Xerox Paris Conference, Giant iTabs provided an assisted selling tool for Xerox and their concessionaires to showcase their services and advanced copier technology, including a large format presentation for the Xerox Configurator App.


    Attract – The Giant iTabs were presented and configured to look like giant iPhones and iPads.

    Engage – The familiar look and feel was incredibly inviting for delegates, encouraging them to step onto the stand to try out the technology.

    Inform – Giant iTab created a home screen that was tailored-made for Xerox content, including websites, media, the Xerox Configurator app running on iOS and their own Showpad/Smartpad App.


    Business Benefits

    • Built Customer Engagement
    • Presented marketing information and content in a more visual and dynamic way.
    • Increased footfall for partners
    • Xerox provided a value-add to concessionaires that will ultimately drive more business


    For more information about building and enhancing your Customer Experience Centre contact us today+44 (0) 845 5760 789


    “The Giant iTab has been a game-changer for us. It positions Xerox well ahead of our competition in terms of using the latest technology. It provides a great medium for sharing information with customers, and our partners have been delighted to have this as an additional sales tool in their arsenal.”

    Stuart Cranston

  • DFS

    After a successful trial with DFS, market leaders Touch2view are now rolling out their latest Giant iTab touchscreen solution to a select number of DFS stores across the UK, providing app and e-commerce interactivity and customer engagement for multi channel reselling in-store.

    The Giant iTab uses current tablet and smart phone design – on a Giant scale – to present websites, portfolios, apps, blogs, tweets and even on-line sales transactions. It comes as a complete solution with a full-service and support package, including remote software management, tailored for retailers who want the latest digital technology as a fully managed solution with complete peace of mind.

    If you too would like to discuss how to have an extra ‘digital’ salesperson and maximise your own retail potential, please contact us for more information.


    “we see customers trying to interact with content with gesture movement and we feel that the Giant iTab really makes that possible, it significantly evolves our kiosk experience to the next level”

    Russell Harte
    Head of Multichannel Development & Delivery

Best New Technology Product Finalist M2M Technology Best Digital Signage Product

Giant iTab is highly awarded and recognised as a technology leader in multiple sectors

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