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Case Study: Keeping staff and visitors extra safe

Year: 2020

Project Summary:

Client: NHS Foundation Trust - Poole Hospital

Giant iTab Products: Digital Signage Sanitiser

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Poole, United Kingdom

"We already had sanitiser bottles on tables but what won us over with this particular sanitiser solution was the ability to present on-screen messages and change or update them easily depending on NHS or Government guidelines at any given time."

Daniel Church
NHS Foundation Trust - Poole Hospital

Hands-free sanitising

Hands-free sanitising removed the need to use pumps on the sanitisers the hospital were already using, getting rid of a germ hotspot.

On-screen messaging

Our digital signage displays have allowed the hospital to display critical and relevant Covid-19 messaging which can be updated according to NHS guidelines.


The live analytics allowed the hospital to place the sanitiser in the most efficient spots throughout the hospital.

Poole Hospital decided to upgrade the sanitiser units for their reception area to make sure that sanitiser fluid was available to all visitors without the need for frequent refills during the day.

The added advantage of Being able to clearly show digital on-screen messaging directing visitors to sanitise their hands, maintain social distancing and follow other guidelines as they come into force, proved to be a major advantage.

Add to that backend analytics which monitor usage throughout the day  as well as monitoring fluid levels and this all in one elegant solution represents a significant upgrade for high traffic areas.

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