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“When it comes to showcasing apps in front of large crowds, sometimes big is beautiful. At Cvent we create great event technology products and we want to show them off; for this we need more than a second screen display, we want high quality hardware that replicates the experience of a smart phone or tablet. For this, Giant iTab is perfect and we use them for all our showcase events; they support both our products and our people perfectly.”

Judy Elvey
Senior Marketing Manager, Europe, Cvent

Cvent are one of the most prestigious companies working in global event technology today. Their delegate management systems, organiser software, pre-event marketing solutions and on site event apps are used in thousands of events around the world, every day.

As part of the company’s sales and marketing activity, Cvent also create hundreds of networking, educational and showcasing events, including the critically acclaimed Cvent Connect conference, held every year in Europe and the US. These events allow industry professionals to learn, develop and progress. The company also attends many of the biggest specialist exhibitions for event professionals on the planet, from North America to the Far East.

Over the years, Giant iTab and Cvent have developed an almost symbiotic relationship that allows Cvent to showcase their apps in an intuitive fashion, to large groups of people. Through Giant iTab they can showcase their many product benefits, on a large smartphone screen, without losing any of the experience an organiser would want when using the software; from touch screen, flipping, ‘grabbing’ and zooming.

This can only happen because of the specialised proprietary software that Giant iTab have created to replicate the experience of a smart phone or tablet. Additionally, because the hardware replicates that of a smart phone / tablet, the experience is immersive and engaging in a way that Cvent need their customers to feel.

At the same time, because of the quality of Cvent’s App products, Giant iTab is able to showcase the full capacity of their giant smart devices to great effect. The apps are engaging and challenge the user to dive deeper into the experience that Cvent offers their customers. They push the hardware of Giant iTab and because of it, both products are able to show what best practice looks like in event technology.

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