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Safety &
Style Combined

Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone

Our premium sanitisers, designed for unmatched engagement whilst keeping your customers and staff safe. Available in a range of branded options, including our exclusive and elegant white.

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Attract customer
attention today!

Giant Smartphones & Tablets

Rent or buy Giant iTab’s award-winning smartphone solutions and first-class customer service today and create a more engaging & interactive experience for you and your customers.

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Keep your staff
& customers safe!

Hand Sanitising Digital Signage

The sanitiser kiosk from Giant iTab comes with all your digital content pre-loaded for you, full content management training and lifetime support at no extra charge.

World renowned digital signage company,
trusted by global brands

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What our clients say...

William Hill

"THE Perfect Solution"

The Giant iTabs were the perfect solution for us to showcase our new Sportsbook app. For allowing potential customers in our target market use and feel the product, with added ‘wow’.

Jennie Prest

Sponsorship Manager


“Group Experience”

The giant scale & multi-touch function of the Giant iTab smartphone changes the normal iPhone experience from a small handheld device to a much larger and more effective group experience.

Vaughn Collings

Workplace Technology Manager

event tech lab

“Huge advantage”

Giant iTab has been a global success. Innovations like these are a huge advantage to marketers and event planners who want to provide better customer information and enhance the visitor experience.

James Morgan

CSEP, Founder

Benefits of becoming a Global Partner

Reseller Discounts

You will receive generous discounts when placing orders with us on behalf of your clients.

Referral Commissions

You can earn a commission on any enquiries referred to us which we convert into a rental or sale.

Quantity Discounts

Further discounts are available for orders of five or more units across the whole range of products.

Your Own Brouchure

As a partner you will receive a bespoke customer brochure with your own logo and contact details.

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What are you interested in?

Attract more customers with a huge tablet display!

In a marketplace where everyone is vying for the precious attention of customers it’s critical to stand out from the crowd. A huge iPad will do just that. By using one of Giant iTab’s range of large iPad formats, you can speak to your customers like no other display could.

Huge Tablet, Huge Sales

A huge tablet display means big business. The large format allows you to deliver your marketing message in a way that customers can’t miss. Using a tablet or smartphone is part of customers’ daily lives, so using a big iPad tablet is a natural way of interacting with technology and accessing information, just on a bigger scale. The novelty of a large tablet, as well as the familiarity, creates a more memorable experience for customers, leading to bigger conversion rates.


Whether it’s at a trade show, conference, or an in store promotion, our trade show ipad rentals beat static ones hands-down. Interactive displays give customers an opportunity to be part of the display, and not just look at it. It gives them freedom of choice to explore the areas that they’re interested in, thereby reducing clutter created by information they’re not interested in. This makes them feel more involved, and less ‘sold to’, creating a more favourable purchasing environment.


Big, bold and beautiful. Giant iTab’s range of huge tablets smartphones is sure to attract customers. They stand out from the crowd and people will simply ‘want’ to interact with them. It creates a captive audience, since the apps customers interact with can be carefully selected to communicate your company’s marketing message. If you use the browser function, the opening page can be set to your company/product page, giving it a prominence even if the customer decides to navigate to a different page. The craftsmanship of the tablets and smartphones are extraordinary, using only the best touchscreen technology for the giant touch screens.


Giant iTab’s big tablets and smartphones feel familiar. That’s because they are. They work just like regular tablets, they’re just bigger. You can open apps, open browsers, pinch and rotate just as on a regular sized smartphone or tablet. This means that there is no confusion in terms of how the display should be used. In fact, the fact that it works the same as a regular phone or tablet often surprises users, adding to the wow factor of the device, and prolonging the time they spend interacting with the device. This gives you even more time to subtly push your marketing message.


Big iPads don’t have to mean big problems. Giant iTab offers great warranty and maintenance options to make sure your display runs smoothly.


We offer a no-obligation demo on all our devices so you can see your display in action before you commit to renting or buying a unit or units. Call us now to set up a demo and see how your business can benefit from large tablets and phones.

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