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Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone

Our premium sanitisers, designed for unmatched engagement whilst keeping your customers and staff safe. Available in a range of branded options, including our exclusive and elegant white.

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Giant Smartphones & Tablets

Rent or buy Giant iTab’s award-winning smartphone solutions and first-class customer service today and create a more engaging & interactive experience for you and your customers.

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Hand Sanitising Digital Signage

The sanitiser kiosk from Giant iTab comes with all your digital content pre-loaded for you, full content management training and lifetime support at no extra charge.

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What our clients say...

William Hill

"THE Perfect Solution"

The Giant iTabs were the perfect solution for us to showcase our new Sportsbook app. For allowing potential customers in our target market use and feel the product, with added ‘wow’.

Jennie Prest

Sponsorship Manager


“Group Experience”

The giant scale & multi-touch function of the Giant iTab smartphone changes the normal iPhone experience from a small handheld device to a much larger and more effective group experience.

Vaughn Collings

Workplace Technology Manager

event tech lab

“Huge advantage”

Giant iTab has been a global success. Innovations like these are a huge advantage to marketers and event planners who want to provide better customer information and enhance the visitor experience.

James Morgan

CSEP, Founder

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Ios App Testing

Article provided by: Atimi Software Inc.

Ios App Testing

There are more than 1 billion Apple devices throughout the world today that are running on iOS, and that number is going to rise. Therefore, companies and individuals who release apps should know that iOS app testing is crucial. iOS is Apple's mobile operating system, and all Apple devices run on iOS. Once upon a time, not too long ago, iOS only worked for the iPhone, but now Touch devices and iPads run on iOS too.

This means that more and more Apple users are using devices powered by iOS, which means that iOS app testing is more important than ever. However, testing on iOS is not the same as testing an app on Android.

Apple Makes Testing Easy

Unlike Android, Apple is a closed system. All releases of OS and Apple devices are well coordinated. This is a bonus for app testers for many reasons. For example, iOS app testing is easier than Android app testing because the size of the Apple devices that are released are specific and quality assurance is simple. By having a clear knowledge of which devices are on the market at any given time or which devices are scheduled to arrive on the market, our quality assurance team can determine the test bed for iOS testing.

Some of the Benefits of Testing Apps on iOS

Although there is often a steep learning curve with Apple's automation tools, they tend to work very well for people who know how to use them. ATIMI, of course, knows how to use these tools effectively for iOS testing, so we can detect any problems and fix them fast.

Apple has very rigid protocols and guidelines for entering an application, which is another benefit for app testers. This minimizes the chances that a well-built app will be rejected following its submission.

There are many other benefits to testing iOS apps as well that we'll go into detail about at another time.

Device We Test On

ATIMI provides iOS testing for iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. There are basically three types of application implementation:

Web-Based Applications

These are websites that can be accessed from an iPhone's Safari browser.

Native Applications

These run natively on supported iOS devices like VLC, Flipboard, and Uber.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps are a combination of Web-based and native applications.

We'll test to ensure that all of the components of your app are functioning together properly. We'll use real Apple devices during the testing process to ensure expected outcomes. The UI/UX testing is just as important. We'll test for inputs, hard keys, soft keys, and screen.

We'll Test to Make Sure Your App is Secure

Of course, no app testing would be complete without security testing. Protecting the data of your company and your users is vital to your app's success. Also, we're sure that you want to protect your proprietary assets as well. ATIMI will make sure your app is safe and secure for everyone who uses it.

Ios App Testing

Atimi Software Inc.



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