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Ipad Stands For Trade Shows

Ipad Stands For Trade Shows

Ipad Stands for Trade Shows

Apple products are one of the top-notch, bestseller gadgets the world has today. Not only has Apple products been gaining more market share, but the company has also been gaining ground in technology that keeps them ahead of competitors. Yet, the company is not letting up on its marketing efforts.

Enter Giant iTab, the company that makes replicas of gadgets for trade shows. With the giant replicas of mobile devices mounted during trade shows, the company just revolutionized the way marketing is done by mobile manufacturers.


See Like Never Before

Mobile makers used to have the actual devices on display during trade shows or special exhibitions. The practice allows potential customers to see the device, feel it, and try how it functions. However, there is a distinct limitation, as each gadget could only be held in the hand of one customer at a time. For corporate suppliers, this will mean lost opportunities for them to have an actual feel of the gadget.

The best alternative was having a screen projector, or LCD screen, where a corporate audio-visual presentation could be mounted on a loop throughout the duration of the trade show or exhibition. Such a technique allows a group to watch the AVP and increases the number of people who could get the information about the product.

Having a giant replica of the gadget, however, beats having just a rectangular screen show an AVP. With the replica, one can actually cast the screen of one’s gadget and make the audience feel like they are seeing how the actual gadget will work. For Apple, that will literally mean iPad stands for trade shows. No more worrying about customers dropping the actual gadgets on display. They cannot possibly drop the standing Giant iTab.

Showcase Digital Content of Your Choice

The Giant iTab works like any gadget, it is just blown up a hundred times to give a clearer picture of any content you want to showcase. This means any website may be shown, any app may run, and media content may run.

Benefits of the Giant iTab

So why get a replica when you can get the original gadget onsite?

Attract More

The Giant iTab attracts more people a hundred percent of the time. Even out of mere curiosity, people will come to the booth and check out what is showcased on the giant replica.

Engage More

The initial amazement is later replaced by the desire to tinker just how much of the original has been copied into the Giant iTab.

Faster and Easier Information

Just by the size alone, the Giant iTab spreads the information to more people than having the actual gadget on display. With its huge screen, the replica gets more people to spot it even from afar. As they get drawn to check it out, they are already filled with information.

Blaze Your Way to the Next Event

Start getting ahead of competition now and get the attention your products deserve with the Giant iTab. The effort and cost will all be worth it as iPad stands for trade shows.

Ipad Stands For Trade Shows

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