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A complete and versatile ‘plug and play’ solution

Showcase all your digital content including websites, multimedia, Apps in native format and much more...

Multiple content use


All Apps


Video or Film


PDF's or Brochures

Social Media

Photo Galleries

Floor Plans

Giant iTab
High-end product spec.

1920 x 1080 Full HD 16:9 Display (4K 55”)

Pro-Cap Touchscreen

Hi-End PC & Wifi

Proprietary Smartphone Software

Full Enclosure or Trim

Designer Stand

Rotate for Portrait or Landscape

In-built Speakers

In-built Camera for 27”

Giant iTab products

Giant iTab SmartPhones & TouchTables perfectly mimic the design aesthetic of today’s popular mobile devices.

27 inch


27 inch SmartPhone

43 inch


43 inch SmartPhone

55 inch


55 inch smartphone

55 inch


55 inch TouchTable

What our clients say...

William Hill


The Giant iTabs were the perfect solution for us to showcase our new Sportsbook app. For allowing potential customers in our target market use and feel the product, with added ‘wow’.

Jennie Prest

Sponsership Manager


“Group Experience”

The multi-touch function of the Giant iTab changes the normal iPad experience from a small personal device to a large group experience.

Vaughn Collings

Workplace Technology Manager

event tech lab

“Huge advantage”

Giant iTab has been a global success. Innovation like this is a huge advantage to marketers and event planners who want to increase customer and visitor engagement.

James Morgan

CSEP, Founder

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Trade Show Touch Screen

Trade Show Touch Screen

Trade show touch screen displays are not only in vogue, but they're also exemplary lead-generating tools when used optimally. Used properly, technology in trade shows, especially as it concerns an exhibit's display, can make an ordinary exhibit extraordinary and help vendors generate far more leads than they ever could with traditional displays.

Whether you attend a dozen trade shows a year or several dozen; you need a virtual display that grabs and holds your visitors' attention, promotes engagement, is intuitive, and is highly interactive. That's where Giant iTab comes in.

What Can Giant iTab do for My Trade Show Exhibit?

The Giant iTab has many advantages to trade show exhibitors! To start with the; this device, as large as it is, is a light-weight trade show touch screen exhibit. It rests on top of a podium with four wheels at the base for easy transportation. Because it is light-weight, you can pick it up and carry it.


With Bluetooth enabled, you'll be able to wirelessly share with other devices around you, including smartphones, tablets, and printers. You'll be able to exchange files from device-to-device, just like you would with your Android smartphone.


Swipe the screen down from the top to access your quick settings and turn WiFi on when you when you want to connect or go touch the Settings app and enable WiFi manually. The Giant iTab is as fast as the Internet connection it connects to and has no performance limitations. Connect to Hot Spot, data, or WiFi at any time.

Home Screen

The Home screen is the first thing that your trade show exhibit visitors will see. This can be an app, an image, a website, a Web page, a .pdf file, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or anything you want it to be. Even once you've navigated away from your Home page, you'll be able to go back with a single touch when you want to.

Giant iTab is a Trade Show Touch Screen that Stands Out

The Giant iTab is an attention-grabber, as it was designed to be. It is a giant iPad trade show touch screen display that encourages trade show guests to stop what they're doing and notice you. It eliminates the need for vendors to be overly outgoing unauthentically friendly. With Giant iTab, just let the trade show guests come to your exhibit! All you'll need to do is greet them and strike up a conversation. Show them how to use it while demonstrating your products and services.

Giant iTab is Interactive

Giant iTab is a trade show touch screen display that will pick your visitors' eyes up from the ground and have them looking around at your exhibit. It takes the highly personal experience of smartphone use and replicates it on a larger-than-life scale, making the personal cell phone experience a group experience. Branding at trade shows has never been better! Contact the creators of Giant iTab today to learn what it will take to have one at your next trade show.

Trade Show Touch Screen

Giant iTab

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