Energie Fitness Pop Up Stand – Giant iTab ‘BEST SALES TOOL WINNER’

Project Summary:

  • Client: Energie Fitness Putney
  • Event: Pre-Sale Membership Campaign
  • Solution: 27″ Invitation
  • Industry: Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Purpose: Membership Sign-Ups
  • Location: Putney Exchange

Richard Yhapp, Manager at Energie Fitness

“We used the Giant iTab for the Pre sale of our new Gym in Putney, (energie Fitness Putney). We had a table and chairs a pop up banner and the Giant iTab….. we were situated in the middle of the Shopping Center and the iTab was a fantastic tool for drawing the footfall over….we had our website, digital pictures and a sign up feature on it……..I can honestly say we probably increased our sales by 30%…….selling 1400+ memberships directly on the Giant iTab…..this made the difference in opening the business in profit rather than loss.

We still use the iTab daily two years later and it makes a great feature in our reception. Feel free to contact me directly at my club (energie fitness Putney) if you would like know more about how effective it was for us.”

Return On Investment

Energie Fitness attribute the Giant iTab to increasing sales by 30% with an income revenue stream ratio of 10:1, proving its ‘value for money’ and effective sales features. Compared to any previous sign up method, Energie Fitness believe the Giant iTab is the most cost effectictive solution on the market today.

Customer Engagement

A ‘pre-sale’ campaign in one location only, Energie Fitness registered 1400 members at £22 per month, per person for the first month, equating to £30,800, confirming profit within the first month of opening their doors. Something very few new companies are able to do without a Giant iTab.

Reaching Targets

Improving the efficiency of digital sign up is built into the very fabric of the Giant iTab. Lead generation, data collection or real-time sales, the functionality of the Giant Smartphone allow for the benefits other AV equipment cannot compete with.

The Energie Fitness Story

Energie Fitness Putney, an unfinished, new gym, opening upstairs in the Putney Exchange; they needed a way of registering new members without the help of a physical gym tour.

Contacting Giant iTab at short notice to find the best digital signage solution, they wanted their limited pop-up in the downstairs of the Putney Exchange, to somehow host their signup sheet, website, gallery, and app.

Understanding their requirements and situation, Giant iTab leapt into action, organising a free demo showcasing all their digital content. The best solution for the job was deemed to be the complete 27” Invitation Model purchased for £3,500 – configured, delivered, and installed by a Giant iTab engineer within days.

A ‘pre-sale’ campaign running from July to November, in one location only, Energie Fitness registered 1400 members at £22 per month, per person for the first month, equating to £30,800, confirming profit within the first month of opening their doors – something many businesses struggle with.

The gym manager, Richard Yhapp, attributed more than 30% of the signups to the Giant iTab, bringing £9,240 in extra capital as a result of having the Giant iTab as a sales tool throughout their ‘pre-sale’ campaign. On the basis that half of 30% of signups attributed to the Giant iTab decided to keep their membership, on average for the first 6 months, 700 members acquired by the Giant iTab would have contributed £36,960, an income revenue stream ratio of 10:1, proving its value for money and effective sales features.

Richard and his team now use the Giant iTab in their reception area as digital signage, keeping their members up to date with all the recent marketing and announcements. They also use it for their members to book classes. The Giant iTab’s multiple sales application use continues to pay for itself. The reliability and reassurance it gives the user is testament to its quality and Giant iTab as a company, guaranteeing ROI in one way or another.

The Award

This case study among all of our other clients’ amazing success stories, ultimately lead Giant iTab to winning ‘BEST SALES TOOL’ at the EN Supplier Awards 2022.

We are proud to have issued Richard and his team their own EN award as recognition and to show our own gratitude as event tech suppliers for many years.

The Giant iTab solutions continue to prove their worth in lead generation, conversion, ROI and offer an ‘eye-catching’ and ‘intimate’ approach to showcasing any digital content.

Easily screen navigated and maintaining the ‘WOW FACTOR’, a lot of our clients looking to convert from their event stand, having a Giant iTab has become a ‘necessity’ instead of an ‘option.’

The Numbers don’t lie!

As an already award-winning company we believe Quality, Personalisation, Service and Delivery should be at the forefront of our ethos. Winning another award continues to cement those values into place.

Building Relationships

Service is a big part of our company ethos, and giving credit where it’s due certainly falls under that category. That’s why we were thrilled to have presented Energie Fitness with their very own EN Award as we were not able to win the award without using them as the chosen case study.

Richard and his team are delighted to have been a part of this amazing experience and as are we. Highlighting the importance of relationship building, It’s important to not only recognise, but understand the long and short term needs of your clients, as well as creating your feedback loop.

Personal Branding

The 27” Giant iTab facilitates for ‘key messages’ and ‘branding.’ The branded polyboard alongside your digital content, not only draws the attention of your target audience, but creates a beneficial, streamline and one stop customer engagement experience.

Your very own branded podium ensures you’re able to showcase your brand identity or key messages before you even get to speak to a prospective customer. This is a great addition to any event stand, giving your representatives or stand assistances an extra tool in which they can communicate with your clients.

In the modern marketing world, ‘personalisation is king.’ Setting yourself above your competition is imperative when looking to grab the attention of your customers. Having the ability to showcase any of your digital content, as well as your company branding, is a recipe for success.

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