The Smart Alternative to Visitor Safety

The events industry has been stagnant since the COVID-19 outbreak. Now the Government says it is safe for events to return, the industry will undoubtedly bounce back. However, keeping delegates, organisers, and staff safe at events is going to remain a top priority.

One of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs and viruses in these settings is to monitor body temperature and encourage good hand hygiene. Sanitising our hands will also become an integral part of the entry process when attending events in the future, much like it has changed the way we shop. Award-winning event tech company Giant iTab has launched the world’s first Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone. It is set to revolutionise the events industry by not only ensuring people’s safety at events, but also by presenting key visitor information and guidelines using the latest digital signage technology.

Hybrid Auto-Sanitiser Smartphone

Giant iTab’s 22” hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone is available to rent, lease or buy. It is super slim, stylish, and its all-in-one design allows the flexibility to place the kiosk where you need it most. The smartphone comes with optional touchscreen capability enabling enhanced interaction and engagement with all your digital content. The extra-large sanitiser reservoir provides up to 9,000 dispenses. This minimises time between refills and offers the best low maintenance option on the market.

Keeping Staff and Visitors Safe

Encouraging those involved in events to follow good hand hygiene is an integral part of their safety. Sterizar Foamer Solution used in Giant iTab’s Sanitiser Smartphone is water-based and contains one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing properties on the market today. Sterizar is effective within 30 seconds of use and kills 99.999% of bacteria for up to 6 hours after application.

Because it is alcohol free, it is skin safe for those with sensitive skin and can be used by those who prohibit alcohol for religious or cultural reasons. Water based sanitisers last much longer than alcohol based ones, which need to be reapplied as soon as you touch another dirty surface.

Keeping Eventgoers Connected

The Sanitiser Smartphone’s digital screen can be used fora myriad of purposes. From promoting hand sanitising to displaying promotional material, show guides or apps. It could also be used for communicating your messages or promotional material. It is a great outlet for reaching your audience as they will be spending 30 seconds sanitising their hands while interacting with your message.

Presenting a Positive Brand Image

Providing a bottle of hand sanitiser on a trestle table at the entrance to your event presents a lazy brand image, not to mention the germs it carries from person to person.Giant iTab’s Hybrid Auto-Sanitiser Smartphones are the trusted solution that any brand would wish to present to their customers. The safer people feel at events, the more chance they will want to visit and return again.

In today’s new normal where hygiene is key, sanitiser kiosks are becoming an essential part of everyday life. Combining an auto hand-sanitiser with a versatile digital signage display, our plug ‘n’ play solution ensures that you are making the right investment to protect your staff and customers by preventing COVID-19 in the workplace. Our digital signage display and content management system (CMS) allows you to present all your brand, sales and marketing messages perfectly. If you are thinking about planning events, this is the perfect solution to keep everyone safe, get your message across and show that you care. If you have any questions or want to get an idea of pricing, please give us a buzz.