Experiential Interactive Technology Roundtable

What was our roundtable about?

Our roundtable discussion at Event Tech live, Las Vegas, highlighted the relationship between experiential interactive technology and its users within the event space. We shined a spotlight on some current concerns surrounding data usage, what the main focal points for the event industry players are, and whether the visitor is getting the most out of their experience.

In addition, we opened the floor to exhibitors, gaining a concrete idea for how experiential interactive tech can benefit their stand and their visitors.

What were the main points covered?


Person 1: To meet the growing expectations of visitors wanting a more “modern”, “immersive” and “memorable” experience that will improve the “connection” between the visitors and their brand engagement.

Person 2: It’s a by-product of modernity. As the outside world evolves, so too does the events industry. The dynamism of the event sector is continuously evolving with new ideas constantly revolving around how technology can better assist the organiser, exhibitor and visitors.

Person 3: Well, exhibitors with almost identical services, like stand builders for example, are automatically going to compete for clients, and if prices are being matched, the only competitive edge left is their ability to offer greater value and experience in their solutions. Having the resources to offer “new” and “practical” interactive technology adds expendable utility to their services, products, and overall brand.

Person 4: With technology being integral to every day modern life and new generations all too familiar with the use of tech in every aspect, it’s become customary to have technology everywhere you go. That might sound somewhat “entitled” but the fact of the matter is when people go to these events, they want to see something different, they want to be “blown away” and impressed.



1. Technology
2. Games (contests, trivia, raffles etc)
3. Networking
4. Discussions
5. Photo Booths
6. Food & Drinks


Follow up question: What are the benefits of event apps & do they out-weigh the risk of overburdening users with too many intricate technical steps creating too many jobs for the user, which might lead them to remove the app entirely because of unnecessary features in the app?

Top 5 Positives:

  • Sustainability (replacing printed material)
  • Event mapping on the app
  • Updates in realtime
  • Communication networking features (organiser>exhibitor+visitor) (exhibitor>exhibitor) (exhibitor<>visitor)
  • Centralised and personal event management platform

Top 5 Concerns:

  • Data leaks
  • Can seem too complicated
  • Frequent event goers could end up downloading up to 10 event apps a year
  • Not enough incentive to keep the app post show
  • Cost prohibitive for small independent organisers

Q4. Does the idea of “Big data” using events as a channel for capitalising on exhibitor and visitor information reflect the limited incentives that organisers offer for the app users to retain the app on their device post show?

Person 1: This could be because of a lack of marketing resource and imagination from the organiser.

Person 2: Most incentives are not persuading enough for users to retain apps long term. Perhaps a chance to win an all-inclusive luxury cruise would be a better incentive than Amazon vouchers.

Person 3: Most organisers are GDPR compliant, well they all should be, and the risk of a data leak is highly unlikely. App users should take it upon themselves to utilise the full benefits of event apps to get the most out of their event. Because that’s what they’re designed for.

Person 4: Balance is key. Depending on what type of event you have, your need for experiential interactive tech may vary and this may impact the user’s experience. Insomuch as if you feel the event was more data driven than experiential it could be worth understanding the reasons for this as it could be focused on market research to help improve on the next event for example.

Person 1: Surely most organisers would have done pre-show market research through surveys, polls, Q&As? Data is king in today’s world and the more you have of it, the more chance of influence you have. In this sense, event apps have shown themselves to be a scapegoat for organisers to create live and digital marketplaces for their paying clients to sell to each other and visitors on a much larger scale. While doing the bare minimum to maximise visitor experience.

Person 4: As with any modern industry working with people, bridging the gap between technology and humans has always been a challenge in the way you tailor experience. There has to be mutual benefit for all. Organisers must see themselves as hospitality with the visitor’s needs as a driving factor. Visitors must see themselves as openminded purveyors open to understanding the intricacies of modern events. As with visitors wanting a better experience with technology, organisers need the “know-how” and resources to do so.


Person 1: Form should follow function. The intended use of experiential event tech should aspire to achieve
specific aims as to try and not alienate or confuse the user. Being precise should circumvent as many foreseeable “risks” as possible.

Person 3: I suppose there’s certain quantifiable limitations on how well you can measure live experience. I’ve seen some companies try and overcome this with digital poll boxes with a range of emojis you can click on to reflect your experience a visitor.

Person 2: It might be difficult to extract raw data from live experience but I genuinely believe if something is popular than it’s evident that it’s enjoyable. A good way to research this is through social media platforms like TikTok. Research what’s trending and find a way to implement that experience into your event or stand.

Person 4: Also, it depends on the demographic you’re trying to engage with. Call me presumptuous, but generally speaking if you’re attending an insurance network event as an exhibitor, where from experience most of the attendees and delegates are from a older generation, and on your stand you have a TikTok inspired challenge theme, it might be unlikely you’ll get the interactivity intended. However, this type of stand maybe perfect for an event intended for graduates. Knowing your audience is fundamental.

Here are some stats to consider!

82% of B2B event personnel believe that attendee engagement is an important KPI for event success and 89% of businesses using event technology save roughly 200 hours per year (or roughly one hour per day), and 20% see 360+ hours saved per year (Bizzabo). 

‍51.5% of planners say that the inability to match live engagement is the most frustrating thing when it comes to sourcing event tech, and 25.4% say cost is the biggest challenge (EventMB).

‍Event personnel say 64% of their brand awareness comes from hosting events (Bizzabo). A recent study showed event technology can increase attendance by 20% and productivity by 27% (VISME).

‍A study ran in 2019 showed the majority (63%) of respondents believe a mobile app can drive attendee engagement (Bizzabo).

‍90% of event marketers believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events (Bizzabo) and that 78% of event marketers believe that in-person events is becoming increasingly important to their company’s success (Bizzabo).

‍54% of event planners are spending more of their time and attention on the attendee experience rather than logistics (AMEX).

‍63% of respondents believe tools to engage event attendees will play a key role in their future event strategies (Bizzabo).

‍85% of leadership (Senior Managers, Executives, and Board Members) believe in-person events are critical to their company’s success. Research also shows that many different types of events are effective, and often underused, methods of generating leads and driving brand awareness (Penguins).

‍If you’re interested in learning more about interactive event technology and how it can help you deliver a better visitor experience and engagement with your stakeholders, we’re here to help!


Why is event tech so important and how can you be a part of the event industry evolution?

What is technology?

Technology can be defined by the application of knowledge to reach practical goals in a specifiable and reproducible way (Skolnikoff, Eugene B.1993). Though this runs true insomuch as the event industry is an element of modern society subject to the expansive nature of technology progressing every corner of its influence; what is the reality of its influence? The following blog will briefly outline the impact event tech is having on some of the live event industry’s key players.


Sarah the event planner

Event & Conference Organisers/Planners:

Some of the main responsibilities of an event planner is to organise, manage/plan the logistics, laisse with suppliers and stick to the all-important budget, with the ultimate goal of a smooth operation with satisfied clients and attendees. So It’s no surprise that 82% of B2B event personnel believe that attendee engagement is an important KPI for event success and 89% of businesses using event technology save roughly 200 hours per year (or roughly one hour per day), and 20% see 360+ hours saved per year (Bizzabo, 2019). That’s all well and good, but there are incurring challenges surrounding these demands. 51.5% of planners say that the inability to match live engagement is the most frustrating thing when it comes to sourcing event tech, and 25.4% say cost is the biggest challenge (EventMB, 2020). It seems like a nice problem to have right? – insomuch as your attendance is outgrowing your ability to facilitate their engagement… Wrong. Event personnel say 64% of their brand awareness comes from hosting events (Bizzabo, 2019). Pre-pandemic, this would have seemed a concern… an even bigger concern now, as a recent study showed event technology can increase attendance by 20% and productivity by 27% (VISME, 2022). This tells us the need for event tech is only increasing. Although event tech makes life easier, the demand for the versatility of its application is becoming more apparent in the way organisers are trying to engage with their attendees and clients, concurrently made increasingly difficult by the cost. To find out how planners are over coming these hurdles, scroll down to read Giant iTab’s EN INDY ‘Supporting Supply Partner’ Award win.


In 2019, the Events Industry Council, a global group of over 30 international organisations involved in the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry, released ‘four key principles’ designed to encourage meetings and events professionals to utilize sustainable practices. Many of these are being concurrently employed by hotel and event venues across the world in efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of meetings and events traffic (BCD Meetings & Events). One of which is to ensure event organisers and suppliers share responsibility for implementing sustainable practices with localised SMEs at the event location. This means reduced production of printed materials, waste management practises and reduced carbon emission production as a result of oversees event tech imports. Stats like 90% of event organisers have adopted e-tickets in 2020 (Eventbrite 2020) is indicative of these principles.

The smart exhibitor


The key objectives for an exhibitor are usually sixfold: increase stand footfall, increase brand awareness, increase ROI, increase network, data collection and staff training experience. All of which can be improved by the aid of event stand tech. As previously mentioned, event technology can increase attendance by 20% and productivity by 27% (VISME, 2022). Giant iTabs have proven this more so, with real time results’ “the Giant iTab increased our sales by 30%, selling 1400+ memberships directly on our solution…..this made the difference in opening the business in profit rather than loss.” This particular quote by Energie Fitness manager, Richard Yhapp is referring to a 10:1 ROI on the bases of signups alone attributed to having a Giant iTab on his stand. A study ran in 2019 showed the majority (63%) of respondents believe a mobile app can drive attendee engagement (Bizzabo, 2019). This tells us the power of apps within events; what better way to showcase and engage stand visitors with your app than with a giant smartphone?


Event marketers have clear objectives mainly revolving around generating new and repetitive business, and the influx of event tech has made those objectives become more attainable using KPIs, various online platforms and AV equipment. In fact, 90% of event marketers believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events (Bizzabo, 2020) and that 78% of event marketers believe that in-person events is becoming increasingly important to their company’s success (Bizzabo, 2020). Thus, event tech is not just the conduit marketers need in order reach their financial objectives, but a key component in adding value to the digital experience of their event.

The tech savvy attendee


It’s fairly implicit that when it comes to event attendees the focal point for planners, marketers, exhibitors etc. is their satisfaction. One the ways in which you can determine the satisfaction of attendees is by monitoring their engagement behaviour and comparing the visitor numbers year-on-year. 54% of event planners are spending more of their time and attention on the attendee experience rather than logistics (AMEX, 2019). That might sound surprising but once again, visitor engagement is the focal point which will determine whether your event is successful or not, this can be supported by the fact, 63% of respondents believe tools to engage event attendees will play a key role in their future event strategies (Bizzabo, 2020).


As a supplier to the events sector, making fundamental changes that influence the industry for the better, we’ve created hassle-free end-to-end solutions that help our clients and partners become more sustainable, with the added professional service, we are proud to deliver versatile event tech to this incredible, dynamic, and evolving industry.

‍Giant iTab will be exhibiting as well as Official Supply Partners at the following up and coming shows:

London Build: 16th – 17th November 2022
Global Event Tech Summit: 22nd – 23rd November 2022
FinTech – 30th Nov – 1st Dec
Confex – 1st – 2nd March 2023
CN Agency Awards – tbc

So come and see us!

‍If you’d like to be a part this evolving community, fill out a web enquiry form below and one of our team will get in touch to discuss your options.

Award Entries: Good for Business?

Tired of hearing the same old spiel about how to get that ‘competitive edge’ over your competition?

‍The irony is companies worth their salt in good marketing are still lapping up the false pretence that within a highly competitive industry, whether you’re B2B or B2C, the most important aspect of your process is the framework of your targeted marketing campaign.

You can have all the market research, competitor analysis, objectives, financial goals, audience, value propositions, channel strategy, execution and measurements, but who’s to say your competitors aren’t doing the same thing?

Sooo… besides the standard objectives of your marketing goals, how can you significantly distance yourself from the competition? It’s simple, you certainly don’t join them, you beat them.

We find ourselves constantly testing and tweaking bits here and there to increase awareness, boost our brands profile, retain customers, and build employee morale.

Entering for an award contains many benefits. It’s a great opportunity to quantify and assess the recent successes of the business and creates a direct route to collecting all your respective assets in a systematic way – ready to be marketed accordingly. This blog will highlight 4 key reasons why you should make award entries a key objective in your marketing strategy.

  1. PR and Networking

Winning an award blows your competition out the water! Well… sort of. You probably won’t put them out of business, but you would have certainly built up your reputation above theirs in the category you’ve won in; especially if you’re a B2B. Winning an award in a room full of your respective or potential clients will certainly aid in client retention and acquisition. In addition, the networking opportunities provide you with a long-awaited opportunity to speak to CEO’s and decision-makers face-to-face without the hassle of the dreaded gatekeepers – this is also a great reason just to attend an awards event as a spectator or guest.

  1. Making Financial Sense

It’s no secret that success at an awards can deliver tangible & measurable commercial benefit. This can “enable price and market share increases, as well as the perceived value in your marketplace of the product or service that you deliver also increasing.” A buyer of your product or service at the consideration stage of their customer journey will base their decision not only on quality and process, but on the re-assurance of your reputability – having an award on what they are purchasing is marketing gold dust.

  1. Enhancing Team Morale

Winning an award is not only beneficial to your staff in the way all their hard work has manifested itself into success, but for future talent too! Winning an award in a room full of your peers and competition will certainly put you in good stead cometh the time you’re hiring from within the industry. Not to mention it’s a fab evening out with the team; socialising, bonding, and sharing a sense of pride if you win. Winning as a team has great internal benefits too, instilling a winning mentality within the business, your staff will support and push each other in motivational ways; leading by example for future employees too.

  1. Boosting Credibility

A win or simply being shortlisted, has immense sway in not just growing your awareness, but enhancing your credibility for your service and or products for all the right reasons! A wholesome sense of validation in the form of a ‘badge of approval’ bolstered by the evidence commended by professional judges; proof that what you’re doing not only works but works well. You’re seen in the light as ‘pioneering thought leaders’ and ‘components of progression,’ a trusted solutions provider recognised at the highest level of your industry. Your brand becoming a shining beacon of confidence to your existing and potential clients, setting a new benchmark for business development and progression.

We could spend all day highlighting the endless benefits of being a finalist for an Award… but one thing is clear and should be front of mind when entering for an award, and that’s the competitive advantage you can leverage. The value in awards supersede boring and repetitive marketing assets, ultimately reinforcing your client’s decision to work with you.

“Being a judge for such a prestigious set of awards, enables me to see what industry leaders are focusing on, understanding the awards process and mix with like-minded business people in the digital space. As a CEO, I am always on the look-out for new customers & to better understand what is the current best practice in our Industry. Mixing with Industry leaders is a great way to do this.”

Mark even won a prize in the charity raffle at the recent EN exhibition news awards and WON 4 x VIP tickets to ‘Soccer Aid’ valued at £1500 – not bad for £40 worth of raffle tickets! (jammy so and so).

This year Giant iTab have been fortunate enough to have been shortlisted for 4 EN AWARDS to be held at AFC Wimbledon on 11th August 2022.

Having entered for: AV Supplier of the Year, Best Sales Tool, Best Marketing Tool and Tech Innovation of the Year.

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Confex 2022 The Blog

Once again, we were delighted to announce our official supply partnership with International Confex, The PA Show & Event Production Show, having provided 15 digital signage solutions outside each of the theatre hubs as a part of their world-class conference programme, we also showcased our latest range of giant smartphones & interactive presentation solutions on our own stand.

Giant iTab Range at Confex 2022

So, how was our overall experience?

Our overall experience was a successful one. As expected, we obtained major interest from our latest Giant Smartphone range, as well as our Smartphone Sanitiser solutions. Garnering prospective clients was made undemanding and effective using a badge scanner provided by Mash Media – doing their part for sustainability. This well received addition allowed us to streamline our already meticulous operation from start to finish, enabling us not to deal with the outmoded and tedious practice of manually inputting copious amounts of contact information into a spreadsheet. You could sense the enthusiasm in the air as exhibitors were back interacting with their stand visitors – and it was the same for us! We missed old friends and relished the experience meeting new people of all ages, various backgrounds, and industries.

What response did our Giant Smartphones receive by stand visitors at Confex 22?

Its no secret that our Giant Smartphones when seen on event stands trigger “jaw-dropping” reactions from passers-by, who then have the sudden urge to go up and touch the screen, usually because they are in awe by the sheer size and unbelieving nature of its function as a smartphone (“The Wow Factor”). So, we knew what to expect. However, we were in for a lovely surprise in the form of exceptional compliments on our new slimline designs. Maintaining the same “Wow factor” response, the new slim line designs simultaneously managed to engage the interest of our visitors, not only on the variety of content the Giant iTabs can facilitate but capture their attention with the modern aesthetics of the new Giant Smartphone range, making it essential on our, and our clients’ event stands.

Giant iTab stand visitors Confex 22 Instagram: whatnyomidoes / bianca_lifecoach_bc Twitter: punchtownmedia

What statistics from Confex 2022 (provided by Mash Media) support our experience?

  • In total Confex had over 5500 distinct attendees in 2022.
  • Event technology was rated the top area of interest for attendees.
  • We saw an adoption rate of 51% for our event app this year for attendees and 65% for exhibitors, both of which represent a big increase on previous years’ adoption rates.
  • The use of smartphones at events for researching event information to plan their day, is on the increase.

So, what can we learn from this?

Its clear technology was the main focus for this event, not only in the way of stand design, but in the practical applications it served displaying visitor information and generating leads. Additionally, there is a rising trend for deploying more event tech, supported by the significant need for more sustainable alternatives to printed materials; having the ability to update content remotely. Often, speakers & schedules change during the course of an event, having the modality of remote access to digital content , the modus operandi of digital tech allows for live feed and/or pre-configured content to be immediately updated accordingly.

What did other Exhibitors have to say?

  • It was my first event onsite event, and I could not have asked for anything more. The event was very well curated with friendly staff members and great breakout areas – Joy Mukherjee, Hubilo
  • Great show, Confex delivered a great audience! – Rob Bartholomew, RefTech
  • Confex 2022 brought the industry back with a bang and what perfect way to re-launch the events year, then with a show where the events industry meets – Sophie Robinson, Lick Me I’m Delicious

Have a look at some of our clients from Confex 2022 below!

Fill out a webform inquiry on the bottom of this page to book your new Giant iTab or call us on 07879 702508 to speak to one of our sales team.

Better Together – Being together in times of crisis

Mark Jones, CEO & Founder of Giant iTab

‍The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the events industry across the world. As a supplier of event tech solutions to trade shows it hit our traditional business hard. With no events taking place the orders dried up, a scenario echoed by most suppliers to this industry. And sadly, there does not appear to be an end in sight. Much like other suppliers we’ve reacted to the market conditions and are working hard to support our customers old and new with a product range that’s been adapted to offer extra health & safety features for events in the new norm, but we are not alone in saying these are challenging times and uncharted waters.

As we have tried to navigate the treacherous landscape over the last six months, being part of an association has been extremely beneficial. We have been a member of the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) for over two years. We decided to join as we felt that we had reached the stage as a company where we would benefit from being part of an association who represented our individual and collective needs within the events industry. We were introduced by Mash Media’s Group Operations Director, Dan Edwards, who is on the ESSA Board. Benefits such as free legal and HR advice, as well as the opportunity to network at a high level with like-minded members operating within the event sector were particularly appealing.

Before COVID-19 we benefited from receiving regular newsletter updates from ESSA about the industry and activity of individual members which gave us a good overview of how events were fairing and where some of the major events were taking place. We were also invited to join the association’s AGM which provided many interesting sessions and speakers and role-play opportunities designed to help us hone our teambuilding skills and be more creative in our business thinking.

When COVID-19 steamrolled the UK in March, being a member of an association became really important for me as the founder & CEO of a business which had built its success around events which were no longer able to take place. ESSA was the voice of the events industry helping us understand the situation better as it evolved and most importantly representing our company and our peers to the Government. ESSA explained to the Government how our unique service situation meant that we were suffering as an industry, the recovery would be much slower and later than other industries and that we needed additional help to be able to weather the storm for the long term. It was also extremely beneficial to have regular webinar and zoom meetings (hosted by Andrew Harrison of ESSA) including being able to listen and speak with other business owners who were finding themselves in a similar position. When we were in the early days of COVID-19 and in lockdown, this highly isolating situation was nerve wracking but was made simpler by being able to share our experiences and see that other people were in the same boat.

There is no substitute for being part of a group of like-minded people and like-minded companies all with a common cause and a common objective, to keep the industry strong and to grow and develop the industry in partnership with other companies. I would strongly advise joining an association, even during the current crisis, for no other reason than to suggest that it makes you part of a group collective where you can share your views, hear other people’s views and take a more holistic view about your position and the economic climate that you operate in. You only really get out of it what you put in, but it is worth the money and the effort. Even In times of a crisis being a member of an association pays dividends as now, more than ever, we are better together.

World’s First Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone

Event technology and digital solutions provider Giant iTab has launched the world’s first Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone to keep event goers safe during the pandemic. Based on its award-winning smartphone solutions, the new kit has added health and safety features including hand sanitiser and a temperature monitor. Good hand hygiene is an integral part of stopping the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in the current climate and will be a top priority for event organisers and venues as events re-start.

The Smart Alternative to Visitor Safety

Giant iTab’s 22” hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone is available to rent, lease or buy. It is super slim, stylish, and its all-in-one design allows the flexibility to place the kiosk where you need it most. The smartphone comes with optional touchscreen capability enabling enhanced interaction and engagement with all your digital content. The extra-large sanitiser reservoir provides up to 9,000 dispenses. This minimises time between refills and offers the best low maintenance option on the market.

International Women in Tech

With International Women’s Day taking place this weekend, we are celebrating the talented women in tech that make up part of the Giant iTab team. Event and Operation Assistant Holly Flintham is Giant iTab’s rising star. Holly joined the business in 2018 as part of a Government sponsored Digital Marketing apprenticeship and is looking forward to extending her training and career with the company.

How Education and Technology Crossover

We are proud to be partnering this week with our colleagues and friends at Hyve group for four days of stimulating conference and exhibition at BETT 2020 held at London’s Excel. The event sees the global education community come together to celebrate, find inspiration and discuss the future of education as well as how technology and innovation enables educators and learners to thrive.

Along with over 34,000 attendees and an exciting range of Edtech suppliers, Giant iTab will not only be supporting the organiser by using our Giant iTabs for wayfinding and accessing integral show information but also exhibiting and talking with educators and leaders from the sector on how Giant iTab solutions are already in place in universities and colleges across the country to help education departments with various applications. These universities include the University of Rotterdam, University of Loughborough, University of Herts, Nottingham Trent University, Middlesex University, Lambeth Academy to name a few.

In the education sector Giant iTabs are used to help navigate students during Fresher Weeks and open days, to help app developers when teaching and training students and even as live timetables and event schedulers. We’ve also helped with more broad applications such as providing an advertising and promotion technology for college and university commercial teams right the way through to the chosen technology for visitor experience centres.

Where technology and education cross over is often when usability and familiarity come together to make technology fun and engaging for the students. Learning in this environment only enhances the students’ experiences. Our client Magdalin Clancy, Assistant Principal, Business – United Learning from the Lambeth Academy says: “The Giant iTab is a really powerful way to engage this young generation. If anyone is hesitant about how to attract people on to a stand, then look no further. We had queues around the block – the content is what the students were interested in and the Giant iTab showcased it beautifully.”

The rise in mobile learning has fuelled a growing demand for technology to provide a ‘group learning experience’. Using the same individual mobile experience students would use for educational apps in their everyday student life, engaging a number of students and using the same apps and hardware but on a larger scale allows educators and students alike to go through that journey together. The Giant iTab truly facilitates that experience.

We think this beautifully sums up how technology and education can cross over and benefits all parties. As they say in show business: “I’m here all week”. So, if you’re attending BETT 2020 and would like to learn more or simply have a coffee and chat, come and visit us in Hall 8 on stand SB46. See you on the show floor!

We think this beautifully sums up how technology and education can cross over, as they say in show business, I’m here all week, so if you’re attending Bett and would like to learn more or simply have a coffee and chat come and visit us at Stand… See you on the show floor!

Technology to Drive Engagement

‍The world of digital has obvious benefits for online communities. The myriad of tools, apps and other technology available today allows for globally dispersed communities to communicate, present or simply conduct a meeting online. (internet permitting!) Yet this is only a small piece of the pie. The real pay-off for many sectors comes when these tools drive engagement and more face-to-face time with colleagues or clients.

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