World’s First Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone

Event technology and digital solutions provider Giant iTab has launched the world’s first Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone to keep event goers safe during the pandemic. Based on its award-winning smartphone solutions, the new kit has added health and safety features including hand sanitiser and a temperature monitor. Good hand hygiene is an integral part of stopping the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in the current climate and will be a top priority for event organisers and venues as events re-start.

The 22” Hybrid Sanitiser Smartphone has been uniquely designed for use at events as well as in offices, shops and restaurants. It comes with optional touch screen capability enabling enhanced interaction and engagement with digital content and a temperature monitor where visitors offering their wrist to the infrared monitor will be given a green or red indicator light to confirm that they (and then fellow delegates) are safe to enter the premises. The unit can dispense both alcohol and water-based sanitiser solutions to suit all users. Water-based sanitisers, for example, are much more suitable for those with sensitive skin conditions or those who forbid alcohol for religious or cultural reasons.

Digital signage provides the flexibility to present key messages for each individual conference on the smartphone’s screen. Key information such as speakers, conference schedules and delegate lists can be presented as live feeds which are always up to date, unlike printed event guides. The choice of information displayed on screen can be adapted and changed during the course of any event such as welcome signs at the beginning, conference information during the event and the latest travel, traffic and weather information for visitors leaving the venue as the event comes to a close.

In today’s new normal where hygiene is key, sanitiser kiosks are becoming an essential part of everyday life. Combining an auto hand-sanitiser with a versatile digital signage display, our plug ‘n’ play solution ensures that you are making the right investment to protect your staff and customers by preventing COVID-19 at events. If you are thinking about planning events, this is the perfect solution to keep everyone safe, get your message across and show that you care.